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Switch to Orca to enjoy long-term investments without having to worry about taxes or management fees. No monthly charges. No subscriptions. Because ISAs are meant for saving.

Why transfer your stocks and shares ISA to Orca?

  • It’s free

    Opening and holding an ISA with Orca is completely free of charge.

  • It’s quick

    You can open an ISA with just a couple of taps within the app.

  • It’s easy

    Simply place a request for transfer and we’ll handle the rest.

You retain all the benefits of an ISA with the added convenience of a cutting-edge investment app

  • Stock Collections

    Assets are carefully curated by profitability, risk level, industry or theme.

  • Real-time market data

    Never miss a bit of news that could potentially affect your investments.

  • Analytics

    Get in-depth insights on your investments and build your own market forecast.

  • Essential Tools

    Get more control over your investments with a Trailing Stop and Pending Orders.

  • No Hidden Fees

    There are no subscriptions or paid features. All of Orca is free to use, forever.

  • 24/7 Support

    No scripts, no canned responses, no emails. Talk to a human who cares.

How to transfer your ISA

  • 1. Download Orca and open a free ISA in 3 taps
  • 2. Fill out the Transfer Request Form on the app
  • 3. We’ll arrange the switch and get back to you when it’s done
How to transfer your ISA

Which ISAs can be transferred

You can transfer any existing Cash and Stocks & Shares ISA to Orca.
We don’t charge for transfers of existing ISAs from different providers to our investment app. However, we do recommend that you contact your current provider about any exit fees they might impose prior to initiating the transer.

ISA Switch FAQ

Here are the most common questions we receive about ISA transfer rules.

  • Can I transfer my cash ISA to an Orca stocks and shares ISA?

    Sure you can. If your cash ISA is currently with another provider, you can open a Stocks and Shares ISA with Orca for FREE and request a transfer to your new ISA. Once the transfer of funds is complete and you have it on your Orca balance, you can use it to compile a stocks and shares portfolio.

  • Can I transfer a stocks ISA to a cash ISA with Orca?

    Unfortunately, Orca does not offer cash ISAs at this time. You can, however, transfer your stocks to a free Stocks and Shares ISA with Orca.

  • Can I move existing shares from my ISA into an Orca ISA?

    Absolutely! You can transfer up to £20,000 worth of shares to a free Stocks and Shares ISA with Orca. To do so, you need to request a transfer form via the Orca App or get one by contacting us at hello@getorca.app.

  • Can you transfer my stocks and shares ISA to another provider?

    Sure. With Orca you are not bound by an annual contract or subscription and you can withdraw or move your investments any time free of charge.

  • What do you actually do to transfer shares between ISAs?

    Whenever a client initiates a transfer, we forward that request to their current provider to obtain a valuation of their assets. We then evaluate which of those assets can and cannot be held. In those rare instances when individual assets can’t be held with Orca, we contact the client to offer alternatives.

    If the transfer requires a sale, relevant instructions are provided, while for stocks transferred in-specie (as is) only trade and settlement dates are requested. On the day of the trade the two brokers put out matching messages into the market, and then the shares are thereby transferred. Clients are then provided with appropriate settlement documents.

  • How long does an ISA transfer usually take?

    The time it takes to complete a transfer depends on factors like broker office hours, communication between brokers, as well as how quickly the client can give their confirmation. But generally speaking, it takes up to 4 weeks to complete a transfer.

  • Are there any transfer fees involved when moving ISAs?

    Opening an ISA with Orca is completely free and we do not charge you for the transfer. However, if you’re planning to move your ISA to Orca from another provider, we do recommend that you first check in with them about corresponding fees on their part.

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