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God Save the Queen – the new Orca collection!

  • The UK’s six most valuable brands according to Kantar’s ratings
  • Better performance over the last 5 years compared to FTSE100
  • Diversified in equal parts (Energy / Financial / Consumer discretionary / Consumer Staples / Telecommunication)
  • More than 12% growth over one year (except for dividends), and more than 50% growth over the last 5 years.
  • Total cost under £300
  • High dividend yield
God Save the Queen
God Save the Queen

We picked and collected six assets of the most valuable British brands in one place.

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Invest in ideas, not
just in random assets

  • Find the companies deserving your attention

    whether you’re looking for local businesses or to tackle global warming.

  • Make your investment work in support

    of the communities and enterprises that most interest you.

  • Explore assets by the type of industries

    to find the investment opportunities and choose what to invest in now.

Discover the world of investing by finding the things you love

Browse 7 thematic collections and choose the assets that are right for you:

Collections Irish Spirit
Irish Spirit

This Collection is made up of the main Irish-based market drivers.

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Collections Halal

Here you can find companies complying with Shariah.

Let’s see
Collections Women  CEO
Women CEO

For those who want to invest in women-led corporations.

Collections ESG

Stocks for those who want to invest in sustainable economic development.

Collections Healthcare

Investment opportunities in the field of health, medicine, and pharma.

That’s cool
Collections 18+

Сorporations connected with products or services aimed at a strictly adult audience.

God Save the Queen
God Save the Queen

We picked and collected six assets of the most valuable British brands in one place.

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Analyse and compare the profitability of each collection, check every asset’s performance and make your own choice on what to invest in.
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    Compare a collection’s performance against that of other popular investments

  • Collection value:

    Assess the cost of each collection supported

  • Stats:

    Check the average dividend yield and annual returns of each collection

The asset universe is vast – but exploring it is easier than you can imagine...

As with all investing, you may get back less than you put in. Your capital is at risk. Be sure to conduct research on stocks that you want to invest in. If you are unsure of this you should seek advice from a professional advisor. Orca does not provide investment advice.

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