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  • What is the minimum amount I can invest?

    In Orca you are able to invest as little as £1 👍 Thus, it is not necessary to start with a large amount of money to begin your investment journey☺️

  • How long does the settlement process take?

    If buying a stock was as simple as buying an apple🍎, you would not be reading this. Unlike the fruit market, the stock market needs some time to make sure stocks and cash you pay for them come to their new owners. It usually takes 2-3 working days: today you put your order to buy a stock, after tomorrow the money you paid for it will reach its destination. Therefore, until the stock is credited to you, you cannot sell it as well as use the funds for its purchase, since it takes the part in the settlement process⏳ “Why is it only after tomorrow?” – because it is a “T+2” scheme in the UK: one day to receive your order, two more days to do the payment🛒

  • How do I decide what stock I should invest in?

    The most important thing to keep in mind when investing is to be sure you are making the right decisions. Orca takes the complex and makes it simple so that you can start investing more easily. For this reason, Orca has developed the tools to analyze instruments and your portfolio, and we also provide educational tips to help you to invest in the right way.

  • Where will my money be invested?

    Your money will be invested in Securities, or Exchange Traded Funds of your choosing. You are fully in control of what Securities or Exchange Traded Funds you select within the list of Investments available through the Orca GIA.

  • Can I obtain up-to-date valuations?

    Yes. You can check the value of your holdings at any time through the Orca app, and can find valuation, performance, and contribution details there.

  • Can I make regular investments?

    You can make contributions to your Orca General Investment Account through your Nominated Bank Account.

  • What is an ISA?

    An ISA is a tax efficient way of saving or investing as all income and capital gains arising within an ISA are currently exempt from any personal liability to UK Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax. There are four types of ISA: • Cash • Stocks and Shares • Innovative Shares • Lifetime ISA A payment by you into an ISA in any tax year is called a subscription. ISAs can only be held in a sole name. ISAs held in joint names are not permitted. Orca only offers a Stocks and Shares ISA.

  • Could your ISA be right for me?

    Our ISA could be right for you if you: • Are looking to build up a portfolio of investments in a tax-efficient way • Understand that growth is not guaranteed • Want unrestricted access to your money • Require access to a range of investment opportunities • Are looking for a long-term investment

  • Can I have an ISA?

    You can join and contribute to an ISA with us if you are aged 18 or over and are resident in the United Kingdom for tax purposes or, if not so resident, either perform duties which, by virtue of Section 28 of Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003 (Crown employees serving overseas) are treated as being performed in the United Kingdom or you are married to, or in a civil partnership with, a person who performs such duties. You will inform the Product Provider if you cease to be so resident or to perform such duties or can be married to, or in a civil partnership with a person who performs such duties. You must not already be subscribing to a Stocks and Shares ISA for the current tax year.

  • What are your ISA charges?

    Our ISA charges are explained in the Orca Terms of Business and illustrated in schedule 1 of this Key Features Document.

  • What other terms and conditions apply?

    Our ISA terms and conditions are set out in the Orca Terms of Business.

  • Who can pay contributions into my ISA?

    You can contribute to your ISA if you are aged 18 or over, are resident in the UK and have not subscribed to another Stocks and Shares ISA in the current tax year. Once your ISA is set up you can pay single and/or regular contributions, subject to the minimum and maximum contribution limits set below.

  • Are there any contribution limits?

    There is no minimum contribution to be paid into the account.

  • What is the maximum limit for ISA subscription?

    Using your nominated bank account, you can make contributions to your Orca ISA. The annual limit for subscriptions is £20,000 in the tax years 2019/20. If you have already subscribed to a different Stocks and Shares ISA in the current tax year then you are not permitted to subscribe to our ISA for the remainder of the tax year. If you have subscribed to a Cash ISA and/or Innovative Finance ISA in the current tax year then you may subscribe to our ISA but the combined subscriptions must not be more than £20,000.

  • Can I transfer existing ISA investments to you?

    You can transfer your existing ISA, in cash, into an ISA with us. In order to do this, you can request a transfer form via Orca mobile app or by contacting The transfer must be in the form of a cash payment and in this case, you will have to sell all of the investments held under your ISA before the transfer is completed.

  • Can I transfer my ISA to another ISA provider?

    You can transfer the value of your ISA to another provider at any time. In order to do this, you can request a transfer form via Orca mobile app or by contacting The transfer will be in the form of a cash payment and so you will have to sell down your investments held before the transfer can be completed.

  • Can I withdraw money from my ISA?

    The Orca ISA is a long-term investment. You can withdraw cash from your ISA at any time. You can either withdraw the full balance held in your ISA or withdraw part of the balance. There are no charges for withdrawing cash from your Orca ISA. Withdrawing from your ISA could lead to loss of tax free benefits.

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