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  • Why can't I find the stock that I want?

    Currently, Orca supports 250+ stocks, shares, ETFs and ETCs traded on the London Stock Exchange. In the future, we do plan to expand the borders of the investment universe. But, if you are interested in any other stock market, you can pay attention to ETFs that invest in this stock market. Also, we will be happy to receive the information on what the stock market you are interested in. Contact our support and share your wishes with us📲☺️

  • How do I choose the right stocks?

    There are a number of ways to find good stocks on the Orca app: ✏️Tags. Use tags to search for stock in the fields you’d like to invest in. 🖼Collections. Invest in what you believe. We’ve made themed collections of stocks so it is easier for you to choose the right investment. 🛍People also bought. This section shows you the popular stocks that people have bought on the Orca app. Also, don’t forget: 📌 to identify your risk level; 📌to look for the instruments that fit your needs; 📌to diversify your portfolio. Orca has all the tools to help you make the right decisions.

  • What is the minimum amount I can invest?

    In Orca you are able to invest as little as £1 👍 Thus, it is not necessary to start with a large amount of money to begin your investment journey☺️

  • How long does the settlement process take?

    If buying a stock was as simple as buying an apple🍎, you would not be reading this. Unlike the fruit market, the stock market needs some time to make sure stocks and cash you pay for them come to their new owners. It usually takes 2-3 working days: today you put your order to buy a stock, after tomorrow the money you paid for it will reach its destination. Therefore, until the stock is credited to you, you cannot sell it as well as use the funds for its purchase, since it takes the part in the settlement process⏳ “Why is it only after tomorrow?” – because it is a “T+2” scheme in the UK: one day to receive your order, two more days to do the payment🛒

  • Why can't I invest at night and on weekends?

    There are two main reasons for this: human factors👨‍💻 and liquidity💧 👨‍💻The human factor: despite the development of information technology, which has made life much easier for stock market participants, a significant volume of transactions anyway takes place with the participation of people - if only to make sure that computer models give meaningful recommendations, and not advise to conduct what -or a deal because of a glitch. And people, as you know, need to rest. 💧Liquidity also plays a role: the more counterparties there are in the market, the more chances you have to buy/sell an asset at fair value. Based on this, it makes sense to set limited trading hours and days: the main task of any trading platform is to bring the maximum number of counterparties in one place and at one time.

  • How can I start investing?

    We have a user-friendly interface where you can invest your funds with just a few clicks. At a later date, we will add a knowledge base to our app, where you can find all the information about investing👨‍🎓 If you are new to investments and you want to try it right now, we recommend starting with exploring some special features in the app. These are Tooltips explaining some terms, Stats displaying revenue growth, price-to-earnings, dividend yield etc, Analyst ratings, Stock and Instruments Comparison💙 Also, we are here 24/7 to answer any of your questions🤗

  • What instruments are available?

    Currently only selected LSE stocks and ETFs are available for trade. More stocks will be made available soon for you to invest in.

  • How do I decide what stock I should invest in?

    The most important thing to keep in mind when investing is to be sure you are making the right decisions. Orca takes the complex and makes it simple so that you can start investing more easily. For this reason, Orca has developed the tools to analyze instruments and your portfolio, and we also provide educational tips to help you to invest in the right way.

  • Where will my money be invested?

    Your money will be invested in Securities, or Exchange Traded Funds of your choosing. You are fully in control of what Securities or Exchange Traded Funds you select within the list of Investments available through the Orca GIA.

  • Can I obtain up-to-date valuations?

    Yes. You can check the value of your holdings at any time through the Orca app, and can find valuation, performance, and contribution details there.

  • What order types are available on the Orca app?

    Basic order: This is a general order that is executed instantly. You will never spend more than is shown on the app. In order to fulfill the basic order, Orca reserves 0.3% of the estimated cost to increase the chance of the market order execution. This means that the maximum order price that will be executed is the estimated price + 0.3%. Also, if at the moment of fulfillment, the execution price is lower, the rest of the estimated cost will be rolled back to your balance. Trailing stop:This is an order that is set to minimize the risk of loss and protect your money. This order will be automatically executed depending on the parameters you set. When the price goes up, the trailing stop increases its stop price. When it falls below the last stop price, it triggers the basic order. Here’s a simple example: You buy an asset when the price is £100. You set a trailing stop at -10%. This means that if the price falls by 10% to £90, an order to sell the asset will be triggered. If the asset’s price rises to £115, then the trailing stop will be triggered should the price drop by 10% of this new price - that is, if it drops to £103.50. Be aware that trailing stops are not guaranteed, and so can be subject to slippage. This means that they may not be executed at exactly the level you have specified. Postponed order: This is an order to buy or sell an asset out of market hours. The price indicated in the pending order may be either higher or lower than the actual execution price. In the case that you want to buy or sell an asset at a time that the exchange is closed, you can use a postponed order. If you want to fulfill the postponed order, Orca will reserve 3% of the estimated cost to increase the possibility of successful execution. This means that the maximum order price will be the estimated price + 3%. Also, if at the moment of the fulfillment, the execution price is lower, the rest of the estimated cost will be rolled back to your balance.

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