It’s just another day at work.

Certainly not a great day for investment.

For John, investment looks fishy for two reasons. Firstly, investment processes look like scams. Secondly, there are too many sharks in the stock market pond. Putting money into stocks is the same as pouring it down the drain. Not to mention that the world is going through some very uncertain times. So John decides it’s better to play it safe.

John has savings, but he doesn’t use them. He thinks the very concept of investing is too good to be true, so he doesn’t even try. At the same time, John knows that inflation is taking a toll on his funds. He opened a savings account but the interest he earns is too low to make a difference. He’d love to have an additional source of income but he’s still reluctant to start investing.

We know that feel…

John isn’t alone in his worries. There are many Johns out there, and they all have their concerns about entering the stock market.

If you’re on the same page as John, it might be because:

  • investment jargon is intimidating and too hard to understand
  • investing looks risky and reminds you of gambling
  • you’ve heard too many stories about investment  frauds and failures
  • you think it takes too much time and effort to get started in investing
  • you think it’s not the right time to invest 

That’s why we’ve decided to dive into those uncertain waters and make the investment world clearer for everyone. For you, and the thousands of Johns dreaming of a better, safer future. That’s how Orca was born.

What is Orca?

Investment for beginners doesn’t have to be daunting. Orca is a top-notch investment mobile app. It’s a game changer, sharing quality content to help you embark on a successful investment voyage.

Orca isn’t a typical app. Orca is your friend. Our goal is to become your biggest support system in investment, and we know how to do it. Our customer support is based on trust and human contact. Ask any question, and we’ll get back to you straight away.

What makes us different? We have a plan!

Orca has a reliable plan for newcomers to investment. It’s a Learning-Investing-Profiting model that encourages you to make well-informed investment decisions.

Here is how Orca’s plan works:

  • You gain valuable insights into investment
  • You get news updates direct from the stock market
  • We handpick a list of bonds that may interest you
  • You buy the stock you want in just a couple of clicks

With Orca, investing is accessible, straightforward, and secure. We’ve reinvented the old investment processes to deliver a quality product for everyone. To give you the best experience, we’ve introduced some killer features like:

  • easy setup of GIA and ISA
  • trailing stops
  • risk profile management
  • instant notifications
  • individual support

The Bottom Line

The world keeps evolving, and we don’t want investing to fall behind. We stand for progress and equal opportunities, and we promise: Orca is here to stay.

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