When you have a problem online, you go to the support service. You file your issue, describe what happened, attach a screenshot, send the email, get a ticket, and wait. Then you wait some more, and probably some more. Finally, after a week or so, you get a response – when you’ve already given up and don’t care about the issue or the service you were using any more. That’s how your usual office-hours ticket-style support service makes you choose another provider.

The friendly fast

With Orca’s in-app investment chat, on the other hand, it merely takes a minute to get a response. Orca doesn’t do tickets, emails, or other lengthy procedures. Instead, we provide quick, personal and user-friendly investment support through our in-app chat. With this type of support, you get your questions sorted right away – easy, friendly, and effective.

The right time

When should you ask for help with the  chat function?

– Whenever you need it.

Got a specific issue to report?

– Orca investment support are happy to help.

Have a question about the Orca Giveaway?

– Our professionals will clarify it for you straight away.

Don’t know where to click?

– Ask Orca.

Unsure about what investing is or whether you should? Any other questions or doubts?

– You’re welcome to ask Orca at any time. Our job is to assist you in the most effective and friendly manner – and that is what you get with our new in-app investment support.

How to ask

How do you access the Orca investment chat?

Just click the “Question Cloud” in the upper left corner and start the conversation.

On top of all that

Orca goes beyond providing investment support chat to you. We offer you other great functions like  Investment Collections, Trailing Stop, and other interesting tools, all right there on the app, and all available after our official launch in September. In the meantime, the chat is available right now – feel free to ask Orca about anything (including the Orca Giveaway, Waitlist and or anything else you want to know about us).   

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