On the one hand, you have a wealth of choice – startups, century-old corporations, risky industry pioneers, time-tested financial giants – every type of company is out there on the stock market to suit your personal investment interests.

On the other hand, how do you make the choice between them? For an investment newbie, it’s a hassle to wade through all of the forecasts, analytics, news, and reports. So what do you do? How do you decide what to invest in? That’s the problem of choice.

Orca’s solution? Investment Collections

Warren Buffett used to say that one should invest in what one enjoys having. So just as you have a playlist of your favourite music, you should have a collection of your favourite stocks.

Orca compiles your favourite stocks into Investment Collections. You like hi-tech? Orca will select those companies for you. You want to see only those with a female CEO? Consider it done. Anything else?

Just say the word: Orca will screen the stock market to provide investment suggestions according to your preferences. You choose what you’d like to invest in just two or three steps.

Inner mechanics

Orca’s team analyzes financial data and forecasts every day to select stocks and compile Investment Collections based on different themes. These are refreshed regularly to make sure each Investment Collection is up-to-date with actual trends.

You don’t have to trouble yourself with reading news, analyzing reports, or listening to financial webcasts – Orca does that for you. Sit back, relax, pick your favourite stocks, invest and wait for the dividends to roll in.

Urban myths

There are two common obstacles for newcomers to personal investment: a fear of initial failure, and an illusory impression of investment as being reserved for the elites. Myths, in other words.

Well, Orca says: have no fear and be under no illusions –  an Investment Collection is just what you need.

There is much more for you

The Investment Collection is just one out of many Orca features. Trailing Stop, First Portfolio, an amazing support chat – all this is waiting for you after the official launch of the Orca App in September. In the meantime, subscribe, get on the Waitlist, and win up to 2,700 GBP worth of stocks!

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