Less than a year ago, Orca was a tiny calf in a form of a waitlist! And now Orca is a cool app with a lot of useful features that perfectly match the needs of those who are new to investing and seasoned investors.

Initially, only LSE stocks were available for purchase in the app, but soon everything will change. In the near future, stocks from the NYSE and NASDAQ will appear in the Orca app.

Our CPO Fyodor Panteleev had given an interview for the Nasdaq YouTube channel (and we’re so proud of it btw), in which he talked about our mission to make investments easy, first of all, for new investors. 

Fyodor highlighted a few things that make the Orca app unique:

  1. Orca helps people make the first investment steps
  2. real-time price data that helps users making elaborate decisions on the market. 

Also, our CPO explained why Orca’s team decided to focus on beginners in investments: without proper knowledge and the right approach, a lot of people can basically lose money. 

During the customer research, our team found out that people are concerned with the complexity of investment as a process itself and also a fear of losing money. Orca tries to solve these two problems with the features in the app. As Fyodor said: “We explain complex terms in simple words“. 

In the app, you can find helpful features such as the education section, first collection, which can help start investing, and more.   

Besides, we have free tax wrappers and free ISA. In Fyodor’s opinion, proper dealing with your taxes is one of the best ways to manage your portfolio efficiently. 

What’s next:

  • launch of US stocks; 
  • zero commission trading of US stocks;
  • subscription system;
  • plans to add pension account for the UK residents;
  • plans to have a European expansion to one of the markets. 

PS: Kudos to Jill Malandrino for the great interview!

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