Today our CEO Denis Gulagin spoke with NASDAQ about our app and investing in general. The conversation turned out to be informative and entertaining, and we’d like to share some of the main points with you.

At the beginning of the interview, Denis drew attention to the fact that all people are different and that is reflected in the ways in which they invest. In general, of course, the main interest and motivator is making money, but there’s a big variety of reasons why people may need that money. Regardless, the fact that investing is now gaining more and more popularity remains.

See the full interview here:

Proof of the fact that the popularity of investing is increasing can be found in the great number of novice investors that have appeared and are continuing to do so. These novice users are precisely Orca’s targeted audience. Denis said:

Investing is not so easy, but Orca does its best to ensure that even beginners enjoy the process.

And according to the users’ that share their opinions with our support team, we can say that our aim is being achieved. Our users “like our 24/7 support, the interface, the live market data and various features that simplify the investment journey.  In general, they are very happy and ready to invest with Orca further.”

To make our users’ investment journey a bit easier, Orca app focuses heavily on education. Denis also mentioned that soon Orca would release an author’s course on investment for beginners.

Education is an important part, thanks to it our clients can gain more expertise in the asset market and form their first investment strategy.

And that’s not all for updates. Orca never stops improving and very soon we will have NYSE and NASDAQ stocks, which will be commission-free. The Orca team is doing everything possible to make the app a convenient investment resource with useful information and comfortable functionality.

If you still are suspicious about investing, we’d like to end this article with some very inspirational words Denis shared at the end of the interview:

People are different and we invest differently. That’s why I have no silver bullet for everyone.

But you can try to discover this new world of investment. I can recommend looking at our educational part in order to get tips and inspiration, which will fit your expectations. Because it can really help you create your individual strategy of investment and make you move on the market more conscious.

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