Have you seen the movie “No Country For Old Men”? Pretty good one. The main character thinks any task requires just a well-chosen instrument to complete it. Do you agree with that? Well, to be honest, whether you agree or not, there is only one such instrument for investing – the Orca App for the UK. Unlike the movie’s character, we will explain why – right below.

Destination: investing made easy

A TV ad would say “Discover investing with Orca – it’s like a safari, but you hunt stocks”. But it’s not an ad. Never mind. With Orca, you have the thrill of discovery and the comfort of an elite resort – in the world of investing. You thought it’s only for the wealthy and the knowledgeable? Not at all. Orca gives you all the tools you need for controlling your wealth. 

We ease the investing process and show you what stock you may or may not like, what style of investing may or may not suit you. We give you options: here is this, here is that, and also that – just choose. 

We make it all clear for you. You don’t get lost exploring the app. Investing with Orca is like a five-star guest service: you get guided and helped at each step before you reach your destination. So you will always know exactly what, where, and why to click. 

We speak to you in your language. No need to Google “stocks and shares – what’s the difference” – Orca has already translated everything for you. Word by word, plain and simple. 

What do you get in the end? A true discovery. Investing will become something more than just the way to expand your wealth. It will be the way of exploration which you want to continue just for the joy it brings.

Order: like in a library

Now, exploration is learning. And any learning is usually difficult. Right? That’s exactly why the Orca App is not a usual app. It’s refined to let you learn the easy way.

The first step – verification. With may apps, it takes days. With Orca – five minutes. Alright, seven. Really, it’s very straightforward. Your ID and basic info – that’s all we need. You put it – we approve it. Why is it important? We want you to learn essential stuff without wasting time on unimportant things at the entry stage. Focus on investing and leave the small things to Orca.

The second step – learning. We already mentioned that you get guided at each step but there is much more – we do analytics for you. You don’t need to get into the “big internet” troubling yourself with financial data and other stuff. Orca has it all – just click and see. 

And finally, whenever and whatever doubt you have – Orca responds 24/7 through the friendly in-app chat.

Cards on the table: exclusives

You want more? Fair enough – how about a customized investment portfolio with stocks selected as per your preference, sorted, analyzed, and updated? That’s what you have with Orca Collections.

Or, how about controlling your losses and fixing the bigger profit each time the price of your stock rises? That’s what you have with Orca Smart Stop. 

How about using an ISA or having one, investing in ETFs, risk-profiling your portfolio, choosing anything from hi-tech to halal, diversifying, intensifying, personalizing, and customizing (did you notice the rhyme?). 

Test Alpha version

Anyway, you know, that’s all just words. You want the real experience, right? Of course, how can you taste the Orca App without using it? Go for it: alpha version is out there. Here, you can test the app’s functionality without actually investing. 

  1. Ask us through the in-app chat or social channels – we will let you in.
  2. Just tell us your mobile number and email – and whether you have Apple or Android. That’s it! 

In the end, it’s all pretty simple, like with all good things. Try it – you will love it. In fact, that’s what we want for you – to love investing. Test the alpha version. 

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