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About fees in Orca

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One pound. That’s Orca’s fee each time you buy or sell a stock. That’s it! We don’t hide it behind subscriptions and additional features. For this pound, you get a consistent experience and full transparency at each step of your investment journey.

Here’s what you get for one pound

Orca gives you a large scope of useful tools completely free. Here’s a list:

  • Robust market execution: the LSE responds to your order request in a split second, without any lags. When investing, you always see the precise amount you’re spending, and won’t lose your savings during order execution.
  • Quick onboarding: load the app, say your name, and get investing.
  • Transparency: you always know how much you’re investing and the taxes you’re paying for each trade.
  • Reliability: Orca protects your account with the 2FA authentication, so nobody has access to your investments but you
  • Quick deposit: you deposit through the PSD2 directive (open banking) in a couple of minutes.
  • Trailing stop: Orca’s feature is indispensable for protecting your investment from loss
  • Postponed orders: don’t get tied  to the LSE’s schedule – invest when you please
  • Collections: attractive asset bundles that could help to diversify your portfolio and may be a good point to start an investment journey
  • Newsfeed: all the latest investment updates are taken from Dow Jones directly.
  • Real-time market data: straight from the London Stock Exchange itself.
  • Analytics: you can check an asset’s behaviour and get a peer review.

One experience for all

Orca is designed to save your time and effort during investing.

Just imagine: you open your phone while your tea is brewing, check the news, click on a stock you’re interested in. You read the analysis, go through the guidelines, and you understand everything without any effort, almost as if it were your favourite novel or a column in your favourite magazine. You see, you choose, you invest. You like what you see. And your tea is ready.

What next? Well, since you’re so happy with your Orca experience, you call your friends and tell them just how amazing it all is. Your friends use your refcode to register with Orca and buy three stocks – and you both get free shares! So, you invite more friends – and get more shares!

So, how do you like that? Good enough to start investing, isn’t it? So, go ahead, join Orca, invest in a quality future, and share your experiences on social media and Trustpilot. Capital at risk.

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