If you use our Orca app, then you know how its interface looks. But have you ever wondered who made it?

We’ve talked to our product designer Alina Pravdyukova about our app and also asked her some personal questions so you guys can get to know her better.

How do ideas for developing the app appear and how quickly are they implemented?

We constantly interview our users, find out what people would like to see in the app and test our ideas. Also we have a super cool support team that answers questions and helps users out whenever they need it. So that’s how we learn about what can be done better. Plus, we ourselves are investors and so we’re able to see which things are inconvenient for us as users. The implementation period strongly depends on the scale of the work and the changes being introduced, so there’s no real timeframe applicable to all cases.

How do you envision the future development of Orca’s features from a design point of view?

The task of the design team is to make the investment process as simple as possible, and to help the user at all stages. This should also show up visually. Many people are afraid to invest because indicators, numbers, and reporting are difficult. We want to help people figure it all out.

How can the Education section be improved?

The learning process should be more like reading a comic book, not an Economics textbook. We don’t want to overload it with unnecessary things. At the same time, we strive to explain things in a simple way. Ideally, the experience should be like listening to a friend (who is familiar with investing, of course) answer the questions that every investor who is just starting out has. 

What’s the ideal UX? What should it include?

The users should get what they came for, nice and easy.

And what had you done before joining Orca?

I had designed an interface for a sailing yacht rental service.

What do you like most about your job?

I like when our product manager, Dima, and I figure out how everything will work. At first, it’s difficult, confusing, and then bam – it all comes together. I love this feeling.

If you had to choose from all the things you’ve done for the company, what did you enjoy working on the most and why?

Perhaps it sounds a bit strange, but the ISA transfer. I had to make the process of filling out documents in the app as simple as possible. Knowing how much of a pain that can be on the user’s end made it feel pretty great to simplify all that down. But in general, I enjoy what we’re working on now. Wait for updates 😉.

How much has the app changed since you joined the team?

I joined the team when only the registration process and the first few screens were ready. So a lot has changed. Even those first screens are different now.

How quickly did you realise that you wanted to design interfaces?

Well, it took me 5 years of legal practice 😅.

And to join the Orca team? 

It was enough for me to get to know the team.

Was it difficult to work during the pandemic?

I had just joined the team when the remote work period started. And before that, I hadn’t had an experience like that. It makes no difference to me where I work, but it took time to establish communication and get to know everyone. But our online meetings helped a lot – we cooked food together, had quizzes. It accelerated my adaptation process.

Describe Orca in two words (literally 😄).

Investing simplified 🙌.

What films or books about finance and investment would you recommend?

Our analyst Oleg recommended to me (I trust his advice) the book “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham.

Last but not least, what is it like working on the Orca app?

To work on Orca is to do a lot of different, interesting things and to laugh a lot.

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