We continue to tell you about our team. This time we’ve talked to our product manager Denis Lavrik who cares about our users more than the users themselves.

Tell us about yourself. What do you do in Orca, how did you get here, what did you do before?

By education I am a nuclear physicist. I worked with the peaceful atom, dreamed of studying space and everything light years away from us. To tell you the truth, I’m still fascinated by this. But a thirst for products of Earth led me to business analytics. I started counting numbers, studying users’ needs to help businesses  create value according to those needs. After some time, I got carried away with investing, which greatly transformed my picture of the world. It is very exciting to study how the stock market works. In terms of competition it is perfect, just as nature and evolution are. It instantly reflects and takes into account a wide variety of risks, and in the long term seeks to reduce entropy. Incredible mechanism! So, I decided that that is exactly what I wanted to work on, using my experience with numbers,  market and love for useful products. I want to make this mechanism more understandable for myself and people, and that’s the reason I’m in Orca. 

You are actively working with the audience. How important is it for a fintech app? How does this generally affect the product?

We, as a product, connect our users and the stock market. It is important for us to know how users understand it, and what decisions they make. If the user understands what company to invest in, this gives businesses capitalisation for their development. Capitalisation gives a company possibilities to create new products, which directly influences the well-being of an investor. We try to understand what tools we can give the user so that they can get a full picture of the company and situation on the stock market to make a meaningful choice. To understand this, it is important to work with the audience, analyse their needs, ask what is missing. 

Why do you need hypotheses to create a good app? 

You never know what idea will lead to creating something useful for people. My role is to test the benefits of this or that innovation at low cost without large-scale functionality development. And it’s always encouraging to see feedback — both good and bad — on these innovations. This forms an understanding of the benefits of the idea, and whether it is worth developing this innovation now, or better go the other way. 

What are the hypotheses based on?

A lot of hypotheses come from the users themselves. We review each and every message, discuss what to improve in the product and test it. Some ideas we create ourselves based on some fundamental investment principles and aimed at benefits for investors. For example, it could be sending 2-week portfolio reports or the ability to share a portfolio. And something lies on the surface, like inviting friends to an app.

Can Orca users contact you to share their feedback? And How? What would you like to hear from them?

I’m always open to feedback. This can be done via my corporate email denis.lavrik@getorca.app. I will be glad to hear a proposal, an idea, or just to have a chat. We are planning to create a lot of new features that can be interesting for our users, and the best I can get from them is honest feedback. 

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