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How to use Postponed Orders in Orca

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Why you need it

Now that you’ve got your head around Trailing Stop (haven’t you?), it’s time to learn how to use a Postponed Order. If you were a full-time investor, knew the LSE’s timetable, and could do all your investing during its business hours, you’d have no need for these. But you’re a busy person, with other fish to fry,  and you want to be able to invest when the time suits you, right? Orca fully agrees so that’s why we give you the option of postponed orders.

One, two, three

  • You choose what to invest in. You set the trailing stop. You’re all ready to buy. But the London Stock Exchange isn’t ready for you – it’s out of trading hours. If that’s the case, you’ll see a message saying, “The market will open in Xh Ymin. You can create the postponed order now”, like this one.
  • So, you go ahead with your order and set your price, and once the market opens, Orca will execute it for you. As easy as that. You’ll get a confirmation like this one: “X Buy Order Is Placed”, and it’ll specify the transaction details. That tells you Orca has received your order, and everything is hunky-dory. Click “Continue”, relax and wait for the market to open. Note that for postponed orders Orca may reserve an additional percentage of the estimated cost to execute an order. You’ll see this notification when placing the order.
  • Of course, it’s good to get into the habit of double-checking, so go to your investment history (click the guy in the bottom right corner), and you’ll see your order marked as “Postponed” while it’s waiting for the LSE to open. 

Save your time for hobbies…

What’s your favourite pastime? Shooting zombies, playing with your cat, or relaxing with a nice cup of tea? Whatever it is, you don’t have to waste your free time worrying about stocks – Orca’ postponed order does that for you. Just click where you need to click and go and enjoy some quality time.

…and get free shares

Speaking of quality time: if you share your refcode with your friends and they register with us, you’ll get free shares without having to do a thing! In other words, you get shares for sharing a refshare…  So get sharing.

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