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How to use Orca’s Collections

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This guide explains how to use Orca’s Collections. “But what,” we hear you ask, “are Orca’s Collections?” Good question. Let’s fill you in. 

Everything for your comfort

Collections help you choose stocks and understand what you want to invest in. Maybe, you have very specific investment plans and came to Orca to buy this, this, and the other, and that’s it. Or maybe you just know that you want to start investing, but don’t really know much about it or how to go about it. Or, you might have heard that certain companies are ripe for investment, but you don’t know how to distinguish between them, or how to navigate the investment world. Whatever the case, “Collections” is a good place to start and get your bearings. You’ll find it on your home page: right there, see? Tap it and let’s see what’s inside.  

  • Each collection contains a number of stocks selected by theme, trend, topic, or something that unites these stocks under one heading. For example, “God save the queen” is a collection of British companies, “Women in CEO” is a collection of companies led by women, and so on. Choose one and give it a try.

  • While the stocks in a collection are gathered together under one roof, that doesn’t mean they necessarily behave in the same way. So, watch them,  see which you like and which you don’t. You don’t have to buy the entire collection. Feel free to just look around. You’re welcome to select just one stock if you want or to pick and choose between them. And if you want the whole collection in your portfolio, well, Orca is happy to make you the new owner. Just keep in mind that if you want to set a trailing stop on any of the stocks, you’d need to buy them separately. You can see how many collection assets you’ve bought on your home page.

The process

  • Now, before you click to proceed, double-check your transaction details to make sure that what your screen shows is exactly what you want to do: fees, stocks, etc. 

  • Once you’ve purchased what you wanted, go to History (the same round-headed person at the bottom-right corner) and check what you have now in your portfolio. If the LSE was closed when you put the transaction through, don’t worry. Orca will convert your transaction into a postponed order, which will be executed at the market open. The history page will show you all the assets you bought, including those which failed for some reason.

Play the Game 

Orca wants to make the investment process an enjoyable activity, something that you don’t just do for money, but for the pleasure of the activity itself. A bit like playing a game. Orca’s Collections bring you just that: our choice of collection themes might seem a little whimsical – and why not? Why shouldn’t investment be as enjoyable as playing a game?

There’s more

Orca is soon going to offer First Collections – essentially, an asset bundle for your first portfolio. The stocks included in these First Collections will be ones we consider to be more responsive to the market and more profitable than average – that’s why they’re so attractive. Don’t worry, we’ll still show you how to use them.

Back on the sofa

Of course, if you’d rather just stay on the sofa watching TV series, you can still get free stocks, by sharing the refcode with your friends so that they can register with Orca. The more friends who join, the more assets you get. 

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