Given all the risks related, investing is still one of the effective tools to build wealth and financial freedom. For many people though, investment seems very difficult to understand — and that is partially true. You have to learn how the markets work, when they become volatile, and why. 

We at Orca know how frustrating entering the stock market can be. That’s why we created a mobile app that makes the world of investment a better place.
Our core mission is to help the new kids on the finance block understand that investing can be easy, especially with our professional support.

3 unicorns that keep you from investing

Let’s face it: you’ve got doubts about investing. Investment for beginners can be daunting, but it’s not as scary as you might think! There are a number of myths about investing. Time to see what the realities and what the “unicorns” in the investment world are.

Unicorn #1: Investment for beginners is suspicious

Lots of people who haven’t had a financial education may feel wary or even suspicious of investing. Maybe you think your employer deducts the tax from your salary himself, or have no clue how much you actually pay in taxes. Even though it’s not rocket science, many of us know little about finance,  and so worry about whether we’re being cheated. 

At Orca, we go to great lengths to double-check our partners. We only work with companies that sell their stocks on the London Stock Exchange.

Unicorn #2: Investment is a lottery  

The stock market may be unpredictable, but it would be a mistake to think of it as a lottery. When you buy stocks, there are many factors and probabilities that you can control to minimize the risks. Investing isn’t a lottery but a calculation.

Here’s where Orca comes into play. It’s a unique mobile app that offers educational content to its users. We help you plan, buy, and sell the stock with just a couple of clicks.  

Unicorn #3: Investment is complicated 

Choosing what to invest in IS harder than opening a deposit account with your bank. That said, the possible profits are much higher! Low inflation and low-interest rates on deposits in the UK and most of the western world ensure that investing money is more profitable than simply depositing your savings. 

To simplify investment processes for everyone, we offer our clients a low-fee, yet fully enabled, UK investment account, accessible with two taps of a smartphone. The educational tools within the Orca app will help you understand what fees you need to pay and why.  

But there’s a ton of similar services online, isn’t there? How is Orca different?

First of all, it’s incredibly simple to register as an investor with Orca. You can set up either a General Investment Account (GIA) or an Individual Savings Account (ISA) directly on the app. Here’s a brief explanation of both options:

  • ISA is tax-free, but it has a limited balance allowance: ÂŁ20,000 for two accounts (a stocks and shares ISA and a cash ISA). 
  • GIA has no limits on your balance allowance. However, you must pay the taxes on any profits made. 

Orca, as one of the best investment mobile apps on the market, also offers a smart stop. This feature controls the buying and selling of security bonds when their prices pass a particular point, so that your gains or losses are secured. A smart stop lets you protect your profits when the stock prices go up, and stops trading when prices change direction.

Okay. But how can you learn while investing?

Orca is the best mobile investment app around because it isn’t just about investing and generating profits. With Orca, you can learn how to invest properly. Daily news, stock updates, articles and guides, and even an investor’s dictionary, are integral to our service. Every user of Orca app gets personalised notifications on the stocks that they follow .

Real People, Not Robots

Orca was built by people, for people. That’s why it’s crucial for us to provide personalized support to every single client. Our helpdesk won’t bore you with the typical questionnaire-type chats. As soon as you ask, there’ll be a real live human being— not a robot — talking to you on the other side of the screen. No more question tickets! 

Let us be your investment buddies!

The world is so complicated nowadays. No one knows what the future will look like. We at Orca want to make things a bit easier for you — that’s why our team has built an app that secures your finances and helps you through the process of investment.

In building a financial service like this, our mission was to create a real-life budget companion, an investment buddy for everyone. We hope that this app will assist you in supporting the companies you believe in. 

Orca is there for you! All our core beliefs are about to help you start investing, to earn extra money on your savings, and, most importantly, to help you understand how the investment process works, without myths and hearsay. 

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