Orca is a new, radically better, app for investing, which we’ll launch soon. Why do we want to transform the way you interact with your savings? Because our mission is to help them grow. We make investing easy and hassle-free. So it’s a pleasure for us if you feel happier and freer in managing your money. Read why we decided to lower entry barriers to investment and how we did it.

A ‘Monzo’ for Retail Investors

Start your investment journey with the Orca mobile app. You can open an account with Orca in just a few clicks and start investing in stocks and ETF on the London Stock Exchange. Control your investments and reap the benefits.

Denis Gulagin, CEO

“Why did we build Orca? Because, like you, we want to control our money. Like you, we want to do it the right way. Like you, we’re eager to learn. Like you, we want investments to be affordable. And like you, we want it to be smart, snappy and topnotch. Because we’re just like you.”

Choose the assets that suit you

Start your investment journey with the Orca mobile app. You can open an account with Orca in just a few clicks and start investing in stocks and ETF on the London Stock Exchange. Control your investments and reap the benefits.

Fedor Panteleev, CPO

“Let’s go far beyond! Orca answers the question of what to do next when you start investing. Investments go far beyond the stock purchase. We want to help people start the right way, to make smart decisions, and to finally achieve their goals.”

Invest your way

We’re preparing dedicated collections just for you. Invest in what you believe in with one click. Follow the assets you’d like to invest in at the right time.

Dmitry Illarionov, PM

“To me, Orca is all about empathy. We are always listening to you and ready to help with any issue you might face on your investment journey. No more difficult words, no more challenges: it’s easy as ABC.”

Learn while investing

Discover new assets to invest in, explore thematic collections, watch your favourite companies, and get timely, high-quality support.

Our daily updates and tailored educational content will help you navigate the investment universe and make your choices.

Make your money management effortless with Orca. Invest your savings, and monitor the balance in just a few taps. All you need for your wealth control is right in the palm of your hand.

Fillip Lungu, UX Lead

“Orca is a brand new you! The you who’s ready to adopt a new attitude towards investing. Who’s looking for new ways to increase capital. Who’s tired of outdated things full of complicated terms. Who wants to learn how to invest the right way. Use Orca and see the financial industry become friendlier than ever.”

Manage your money

Keep an eye on how much you invest each week or month, as well as how your investments are performing in gains and losses. Set up investment rules – stop-losses, take-profits, alerts and pushes – in mere seconds to always be informed.

Andrey Kozlov, Business Analyst

“People believe that investing is complicated and expensive, that it requires in-depth knowledge and a significant amount of seed capital. These beliefs are very far from the truth. And we’ll prove it!”

Low-fee stock investing

Invest any amount in UK and US stocks with no hidden fees. You know exactly what you’re paying, and you have complete control of your investments on your phone.

Fast ISA/GIA setup

Create your investment account in a couple of minutes and start saving straight away. With the Orca investment app, you can easily invest and achieve your goals.

Your money is safe

Invest with the protection of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme ( FSCS) for up to £85,000.

Instant notifications

Push notifications track all account activity in real-time. This is crucial for investing. Take full control of your operations, prices, and stock changes.

Personal support

Our friendly customer support team is here 24/7 to help you with your investment issues. We can assist you with any questions!

About the risks of investing

As with all kinds of investing, your capital is at risk. The value of your investment portfolio can fluctuate. Your returns may be less than you invest. ISA, Lifetime ISA, and pension rules apply.


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Anna Demchenko, HRD

“Orca is about the team. A team of truly passionate and dedicated people doing their best to create a perfect product and to deliver an exceptional customer experience.”

Join Orca!

The world is changing and needs an entirely new approach to money management. Orca is a team of young professionals who are passionate about making the finance world a friendly place. Become part of the new era in mobile investment and join the Orca community!

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