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Do you want to invest? Of course, you do; otherwise, why would you be reading this? Are you afraid to invest? Possibly, yes; otherwise, why would you be reading this? Alright, we’re not offering a psychotherapy service to ease your fears, but we are offering the next best thing: free shares. This guide is about how you get them.

  • Open the Orca app, and type in your password, then go to your profile (the little person icon down there).
  • Invest in 3 different assets, with different tickers (ETFs count as well). Not a big deal if you know how to choose what to invest in.
  • Go back to your profile and choose “Free stocks”. You’ll see your refcode and QR-code, which you can share on social media, in social networks and messengers, etc.
  • Now, encourage your friends to use your refcode to register with Orca, set up an account and pass the KYC procedure (it’s easy and won’t take much time), and invest in any three stocks they love. Shortly, you’ll receive your free stocks. Each time you get a free share, we’ll notify you with a bubbly purple message like this.
  • Once you tap “Get Your Free Stock”… well, you’ll get your free stock. A window like this one will tell you which stock one you’ve got. You’ll also be able to monitor it on the home screen. Nice, eh?

Getting it for real

Getting Orca’s free shares is all well and good – we know that – but it’s basically just to give you a flavour of investment. But don’t be afraid to go further. There are lots of investment opportunities out there, and Orca is still by your side. So step inside and let’s do it!  

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