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Tom & his path to frugality

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Orca continues to share the stories of our frugal-minded investors. Frugality is not a set of rules or sacrifices. Each investor can find their own unique way to make it work and to stick to it effectively. Orca hopes you’ll find these stories helpful for building your own definition of financial minimalism.

Investing well can be key to your ability to live comfortably for a long time to come. The next hero of this thrifty living is Tom. Tom’s been living frugally ever since he found his first job. His story shows how you can live comfortably by being responsible and wisely analysing your finances.

1. Introduce yourself 

Hey, I’m Tom. 23 years old living in Swansea. Decided to stay here after graduating even though I secured a job in London, due to work from home, and it being way cheaper here! Studied an MSc in Big Data and Financial Analysis, and before that Human Geography. I am a keen sports fan – rugby and football, love to go to the gym and spend weekends walking around the stunning scenery we have here in South Wales, as well as grab a pint with friends.

2. How old are you? And how long have you been frugal-minded?

23! Been frugal ever since getting my first job, and I guess realising the true value of money.

3. What’s your interpretation of frugal-living? 

For me frugal-living is living within your financial means meanwhile not saying no to friends and activities, but rather saving money on everyday activities. Think not buying coffee out but make it at home instead!

4. At first did you have any concerns about investing and being frugal? And why do you think there’s a misconception that frugality and playing the stock market don’t go hand in hand? 

No, ever since I’ve been earning money I have been investing. It’s an easy way to make your money work for you. Being frugal means that I have more money to invest as instead of spending £3 a day on coffee I can invest it (for example). The misconception is probably due to people not understanding investing, and that it’s not just for the rich!

5. Were you specifically searching for frugal-minded investment apps?

50/50. I like to automate my money and already use apps like plum, as well as trading apps like T212. Orca seems to be somewhere in the middle and well positioned to make investing simple and easy.

6. What’s your investing strategy?

Investing long-term. Companies that will still be around in 10/15 years. Not looking for quick growth, as this money is for my future.

7. How would you describe your portfolio? What principles do you follow when buying stocks?

Tech heavy at the moment, a lot of EV’s and power companies. I would say it’s looking towards the future with an eye on today.

8. Can you share your Frugal living investing hacks?

Instead of spending £3 at Starbucks, invest £2.50 and spend 50p on making coffee at home. Invest in companies you use. Netflix for example. Don’t trust everything you see online, do your research, and keep to a strategy (don’t cash out at the first sign of red).


As with all investing, you may get back less than you put in. Your capital is at risk. Be sure to conduct research on stocks that you want to invest in. If you are unsure of this you should seek advice from a professional advisor. Orca does not provide investment advice.

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