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First Collection: user guide

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This guide regarding your first collection is applicable to you if you are an investment newbie and have little idea how to start. It is also applicable to you if you have a general concept of how investing works but don’t really know what to choose or which direction to go. This guide also pretty much applies to you if you have a clear picture of the stocks out there, just want to try something new and want to see what Orca has on offer. You know what? Forget applicability – just read this guide. You’ll find it interesting, no matter what. 

Why you may like First Collection

Orca offers you all the investment opportunities you could possibly want, but we’re not trying to tell you where to put your money. The choice is yours, and to make your choice as enjoyable as possible, we bring you our First Collection tool. Basically, it’s a stock screener. At its core, Orca compares the price value, stability, and market sensitivity of stocks, and gathers them into specially-curated bundles based on those criteria. As a result, you can pick the collection that best fits your investment preferences. Say you want to invest ÂŁ500 and go risk-on – there’ll be a particular collection that suits you. Or you want to invest ÂŁ1,000 in a safe portfolio with minimal turbulence – there’s another collection that suits you better. 

Good things come in threes

Who knows why three is a magic number?  But there’s definitely nothing more satisfying than having a choice from three options. Orca believes as much in magic as in your comfort. And so, here are our three First Collections to choose from:


Like the Range Rover, it’s solid and safe; you’re going to like it if you want to invest conservatively – the stocks here show moderate and stable growth. 

Per aspera ad astra

As you no doubt know, we couldn’t have come so far without the classics. And, in classical Latin, “per aspera ad astra” means “from hardships to the stars”. So this is a collection for those who want to expose themselves to bigger profit potentials – while knowing that also exposes them to  greater risks and price volatility.

Golden mean

No one’s likely to thank you for trying to explain the golden mean. Leave that to Aristotle and Leonardo da Vinci. But you are likely to thank Orca for offering you this golden opportunity for investment. This is the option for you if you just don’t want to pick a side and would rather the risk-to-reward equilibrium. 

Your handy step-by-step guide to First Collections

  1. Download the latest version of the Orca app, and go to the main page. In the “Create (or Update) First Portfolio” section, you’ll see the “Create” button. Tap it.

  2. This will bring you to the next menu. It’ll be all black dark, but don’t be scared. If it says “First Collection”, you’re where you’re supposed to be. Tap the purple “Create First Collection” button.

  3. You should see the three collections here: Defender, Golden Mean, and Per Aspera Ad Astra. They each have a minimum investment amount to get started. You’ll see this in a green rectangle on the top-right of each.. Pick the one you want.

  4. Once you’ve made your choice, enter the amount you want to invest in your First Portfolio by swiping the dot left or right across that fancy green bar. As it’s your first, don’t go crazy with your millions  – ÂŁ1,000 is the maximum. But the more money you choose to invest, the more stocks you’ll see. Once you’re done swiping, tap “Create First Collection”.

  5. You’ll see the words “Generating Your First Collection” against a dark background. Again, have no fear: the best magic happens in the darkness, doesn’t it?

  6. Your suggested First Portfolio will appear in a lovely colourful breakdown. But it’s still just a suggestion – you haven’t bought it yet. First, you’ll want the details, so read on.

  7. That colourful chart will show you all the essentials you need  – percentages, dynamics, and so on – to make your investment decision, without overloading you with data. Remember, you don’t have to buy the collection as a whole set: if you just want selected stocks from the suggested First Collection, Orca will be happy to find them for you individually in the Search, so you can choose what to invest in.

  8. Now, once you’ve made up your mind, hit “Buy Collection”. This will take you to a summary of what you’re about to do. You’ll see all the fees, and if you’re making a postponed order, you’ll see the maximum amount (the reserve is taken into account here). Crucially, the investment amount is precise: since depositing with Orca is literally instantaneous, this amount doesn’t change, unless the order times-out. This is to make sure you know how much you are investing, down to the penny.
  9. So, once you’re happy, hit that green “Place Buy Orders” button before the timer runs out. No, this isn’t to put pressure on you. Quite the opposite – you did read the last sentence of point 8, didn’t you? That’s it! Job done. Time is money, money is time – and Orca saves you both. Get the latest version of the app and enjoy!

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