On the Orca app, you’ll find more than 300 investment assets: stocks, ETFs, indices. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just like being picky, Orca offers you essential information on each asset, so you can learn its particular quirks and help you make wise investment choices. What’s more, Orca provides you with straightforward educational materials, so you can quickly learn how to invest, even with just a little money. And since many investors – especially beginners – find it challenging to screen and filter all those assets one by one,  Orca has created our Collections and Lists.

What are Collections?

Each Collection is a portfolio of stocks specially chosen to fit a very specific corporate profile. For example, the Women-CEO collection is made up of companies led by women. In Halal, you’ll find corporations that comply with Shariah business guidelines. The Healthcare Collection is mostly pharma and medicine production. And so on. The number of companies in each portfolio is fixed for now, though we are planning to expand once Orca connects with the NYSE. The idea of this tool is that you can easily find a specific market sector or a business profile of a company you want to invest in.
That’s not all, though. Let’s take a look at Orca’s  Lists, and how they make your investment journey even smoother.

What are Lists?

While Collections are fixed sets of assets, Lists are dynamic. They enable you to search stocks based on particular characteristics such as penny stocks, investors’ choice, or the best performers of the month. This way, you can easily find the day’s trending shares  by feature, and buy them individually. For example, if you want cheap assets or the top income-producing assets, Lists will show you the best fit for your needs on the LSE. 

1. Under £1

The Under £1 collection is great for people who are looking to invest in stocks that are cheap. While all the assets in this list are under £1 that is not an indication of their potential. The history of the stock market is full of stocks that rise up from the bottom. The upside can be great with these assets, and the downside isn’t steep considering their price. This is a perennial favorite with our users. 

2. High-growth Assets

Our High-growth Assets List consists of stocks that have increased in value by at least 15% over the past year. Investors that like to put their money into assets that have a proven track record will find this grouping very useful.  

3. It’s raining dividends!

This List consists of stocks that have paid out the most dividends in the past year. Whether a company will pay out dividends to its stockholders or not is up to the individual company. Not all of them do, and the dividends range in size depending on the company. We’ve put together a List that will give you the skinny on where you can find the biggest dividends.

4. Investor’s Choice

The Investor’s Choice List features the most popular stocks on the Orca platform. This is a very useful tool to measure consumer sentiment on our app and see how fellow investors are performing. This List can also be a good way of learning about new stocks that others have grown interested in.

5. (NEW) Investment Trusts

Orca has just added 28 investment trusts operating on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). What does that mean for you? Not only does this increase your investment options on our platform, but you will also now be able to pursue a number of new investment strategies, picking from among our offerings that are conducive to your ultimate goals. 

How to use Lists

  1. Go to the Discovery section of the app
  2. There you’ll find the Featured Lists bar and a button for each List
  3. After clicking on one of the Lists, you’ll find a dynamically changing stock grouping
  4. From there you can select whatever stocks you are interested in, and you will be shown analytics for any stock you select
  5. In the groupings, you will also see what stocks in each list have performed the best and the worst over the past week. Emojis will indicate if a stock falls into either category, like on the screenshot below.

Problem solved

Researching investment assets has never been as easy and enjoyable as it is with Orca. Collections and Lists are all-in-one investment tools that are designed to be flexible as well as effective. and to fit your personal investment style.

Orca Ltd is an appointed representative of RiskSave Technologies Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 7755330).  Orca does not provide investment advice. As with all investing, you may get back less than you put in. Your capital is at risk. Be sure to conduct research on assets that you wish to invest in.  If you are unsure about anything, please seek financial advice from an authorised advisor. 

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