You may think investment isn’t for you.

The stock market is a scary place. Bulls, bears, bonds, and mutual funds — all these terms sound confusing, intimidating even. Navigating through investment terminology seems so hard that it’s easier to stay away from it.

Don’t do that.

Terminology aside, investing isn’t that difficult. Not all investors are London Stock Exchange geniuses, and you don’t need an economic education to build your own wealth. In reality, most investors don’t have a financial background and use common sense to achieve their investment goals.

As your investment guide, Orca wants you to get rid of common misconceptions. Here are the five investment myths which prevent you from starting investing right away.

Myth #1. Investment is hard to understand

Many people treat investment like rocket science. They walk away from it because they don’t get the jargon and don’t realize that it’s not as complicated as the language behind it. While the wording may seem elaborate, the concepts it conveys are pretty simple.

For instance, a stock is a tiny share of a company; a bond is a loan you give to a business, and mutual funds mean that you lend money to someone else to buy some shares. 

The truth is that you already know most of this stuff, and Orca can help with the rest.

Myth #2. Investing is too risky

At its very core, investing means losing funds in hopes of multiplying them. Can it be risky? Sure, if you’re parting with a huge lump sum or investing in a bad startup idea.

In reality, however, investing has nothing to do with gambling. While it involves certain risks, there are risk-minimizing strategies to secure your finances. At the same time, sitting on a large amount of money doesn’t protect you from losses. After all, inflation spares no one.

With Orca, you can invest in businesses listed on the London Stock Exchange. We also provide you with daily news straight from the stock markets, which may help you identify possible downturns.

Myth #3. Not everyone can become an investor

Another misconception says that you can’t become an investor on your own. You either have to ask brokers for assistance or be part of some secret society (sounds ridiculous, right?) .

Orca allows you to register as an investor online. All you need to do is to download our mobile app and input some basic information about yourself. Don’t worry, we keep your data safe from intruders.

Myth #4. Investing requires special knowledge

As we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to be a financial expert to understand stock market rules. All you need to do is to follow these four simple steps:

  1. Identify your investment goals
  2. Choose the industry you’d like to invest in
  3. Consider your options
  4. Use our app to get tips and buy stock

Sound judgment and Orca’s investment-101 vocabulary are more than enough to puzzle out the mechanics of investment. Once you read our ABC-investing guide, you’ll start dominating the stock market in no time. 

Myth #5. You aren’t ready for investing

Perhaps the biggest investment myth is connected with your self-image. Maybe you believe that you don’t have the time or aren’t cut out for this.

Orca makes sure that you don’t have to spend hours analyzing and buying stocks. Orca helps you purchase stocks in just a couple of clicks and our instant notifications keep you up to date with the latest investment news. 

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